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The EnEff:Stadt Research Initiative

The research initiative is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. It is part of the German Government’s 5th energy research programme, "Innovation and New Energy Technologies", which in turn is incorporated in the "Energy-Optimised Construction" (EnOB) research area.

Pilot projects will show how energy efficiency in communities can be improved via intelligent use and networking of innovative technologies, planning and management methods. To accomplish this, the initiative uses a variety of existing instruments: For example, cogeneration and district heating, innovative insulation and waste heat utilisation, intelligent control technology and modern information technology can be networked to facilitate energy-optimised construction and energy refurbishment in entire neighbourhoods and districts. This also includes community planning processes, energy management and participation processes for the implementation of measures.

The support initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

EnEff:Stadt will integrate previous research activities from energy-related building refurbishment, energy-efficient supply concepts and new energy technologies and make the most of synergies.

The wording of the "Energy-efficient city" support initiative (PDF, 7 pages, 180 kB in German language)

Research Management

Project Management Jülich manages the bulk of the energy research subsidies on behalf of multiple German Federal Ministries. This includes the subsidy programmes for renewable energy sources, rational utilisation of energy and power plant technologies. In addition to this, it also makes its expertise available for important strategic interdisciplinary tasks.

Project Management Jülich is responsible for technical and administrative implementation of the EnEff:Stadt research initiative. It must be consulted on project outlines and applications for research funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

See the Project Management Jülich website on the "EnEff:Stadt" support initiative for further information (in German language).

Accompanying Research

The pilot projects and development work are technically supervised by a team of researchers. The accompanying research will provide advice on setting the focus within the research programme and develop evaluation criteria for the evaluation of the project and accompanying measurement programmes. It is intended to investigate the use of planning tools and develop action recommendations for typical neighbourhoods.

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Research funding

EnEff:Stadt Research initiative: targets, key aspects and conditions of sponsorship. BMWi, September 28th 2007, PDF, p.7, 180 kB (in German language)

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