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Energy Strategy Berlin Adlershof 2020+

EnEff:Stadt - Forschung für die energieeffiziente Stadt
Luftbild des Standorts Adlershof im Mai 2013

Aerial shot of the Berlin-Adlershof site, taken in May 2013.

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Settlement summary

Project status Projektstatus: Phase 3Realisation
Location of local community 12489 Berlin-Adlershof, Bezirk Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin
Settlement in figures 891.85 km² total area; 3,490,445 inhabitants
Developer, organizer WISTA-Management GmbH; Technische Universität Berlin; BTB Blockheizkraftwerks-, Träger und Betreibergesellschaft mbH Berlin
Settlement Integrated science, business and media centre
Utilisation type General residential, mixed areas, commerce, industry, special areas
Above-surface gross floor area of the building stock (2010) 1.244.000 m²
Surface area of the built-on building plots excluding green areas and traffic, before 1.485.703 m²
Surface area of the built-on building plots excluding green areas and traffic, after 2.787.164 m²
Commercial area, before 806.833 m²
Commercial area, after 1.675.064 m²
Research & technology area, before 358.590 m²
Research & technology area, after 388.592 m²
Media & communication area, before 136.645 m²
Media & communication area, after 163.670 m²
University area, before 70.157 m²
University area, after 92.921 m²
Remaining area, before 113.478 m²
Remaining area, after 466.917 m²
Number of accommodation units, after 1.040
Number of jobs, before 14.148
Age structure Around 41% of the building stock was constructed before 1989. About half of this stock has been renovated. Almost half of the overall building stock was not constructed until after 1989.
State of construction and refurbishment 64% of the gross floor area needs to be at least partly renovated, whereby there is also scope for energy efficiency measures.
Heating system 90% of the heating requirement is met by the district heating supply provided by BTB using cogeneration (approx. 70%). BTB uses the following fuels for the district heating supply: hard coal, natural gas and wood (approx. 52%).
Ownership structure Mixed ownership conditions with currently almost 100 individual owners. The largest single owners are the Federal State of Berlin and WISTA-Management GmbH.
Project themes

Project description

Project structure

WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH (state-owned operating company for the site) is responsible for coordinating the cluster and realising the project. The subsidiaries Adlershof Facility Management GmbH (AFM), and Adlershof Projekt GmbH (AP) as a fiduciary development agency of the State of Berlin, are supporting its implementation.

Project aims

The aim of the project is to develop an exemplary form of organisation for complex EnEff:Stadt projects, which would enable the optimisation and acceleration of innovative individual projects, and guarantee the overall success of the project “minus 30 % primary energy by 2020”. In addition, complex energy facilities for grid-bound energy sources that allow for an energy network in Adlershof are planned. This is taking place with the involvement of international experience and a thorough professional exchange with model districts in the D-A-CH region.

Follow-up projects

The application for the follow-up project “Energy Grid Berlin Adlershof” will soon be submitted by the Technical University of Berlin, the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, and Siemens AG. The aim of this project is to create a network of energy flows, a Smart Grid Alliance, and the associated energy planning guidelines.

Results of the concept phase

With the cluster project High Tech – Low Ex, a concept for an energy-efficient further development of the science quarter was elaborated from 2011 to 2013. The following results were achieved by the project:

  • Inventory and analysis of energy infrastructure and supply; analysis of existing buildings and building-related implementation concepts for selected properties
  • Forecasting of future energy demand (primary and final energy, German Energy Saving Ordinance and energy process engineering) of the entire area, including two development paths for the future development of the 47-hectare extension area
  • Building summaries with suggestions for building performance optimisation for, amongst others, Helmholtz-Zentrum with BESSY II, four institutes of Humboldt University, Studio Berlin, and WISTA properties
  • Scenarios for supply and transmission rights, and technical options for an open heating network
  • Analysis and review of implementation options for waste heat technology (waste heat from refrigeration systems, brine networks, with the example of Max Born Institute)
  • Cooling concept for “Bunsensaal” event building (including adiabatic exhaust air cooling)
  • Concepts for building-related measures for four reference buildings (WISTA administrative buildings, the “Barracks”, Max Born Institute, and Lise-Meitner-Haus)
  • Analysis and review of the potential contribution of renewable energy (wind, PV, shallow geothermal energy, deep geothermal energy, aquifer storage, CHP), with the result that aquifer storage, PV, biomethane and CHP should be implemented in light of primary energy savings and economic feasibility; a follow-up application will be submitted
  • Preliminary investigations for a smart grid and a DMS connected to a ring circuit with 40 companies, 8 consumer units and 2 feed-in points with the result of submitting a follow-up application to implement this
  • Analysis of building typologies for industrial, commercial and campus-like areas; follow-up application for pilot tests of the instrument of “Energy planning guidelines” to be submitted
  • Development of a competence network at the site and beyond
  • Development of an energy efficiency concept for the project area of Berlin Adlershof 2020 with a focus on “Primary energy saving measures”.

Energy characteristics

before potential after unit
Total area with energy requirement 1.244.000,00    
Final energy requirements (electricity) 108,00     kWh/m²
Final energy requirements (heat) 104,00     kWh/m²
  • BINE projektinfo publication "Science and business park grows efficiently"