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24. Aug 2011 - Monitoring in the Bad Aibling pilot project with initial results

Energy balances for the supply network (“Solar Network 1”) in the in the northern section of the Bad Aibling area

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The measurements and evaluation are performed using the “MoniSoft” software, designed especially for this monitoring task by the Department of Building Physics and Technical Building Services (fbta) at Universität Karlsruhe. The actual data recording is implemented via a structure which was created in cooperation with EA EnergieArchitektur GmbH. The measurement data in the buildings is gathered cumulatively, and sent to a central server on the site using logging PCs. The data is prepared there and sent to the database server of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences every night, where they are processed and evaluated using MoniSoft. Around 2,000 measurement points for the entire area have been defined.

As a result of the gradual progress of the renovation measures, the installation of sensors and the entry of data will take approximately 12 months, starting in July 2011. Then measurements will be recorded for 24 months. Recorded measurement data of two entire years for all participating buildings will be available, and some individual buildings will have been monitored for a far longer period.

Currently, energy balances have been estimated mathematically for the North Network based on initial measurement results. The current description of the pilot project “A former military base on its way to a zero energy city” contains details of this and a graphical representation of the energy balances for the supply network in the north of the mining area.

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