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17. May 2013 - EU database makes results available from communal efficiency projects

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“We’re making the wealth of technical, economic and political expertise that has been created in the 58 pilot communities accessible via a user-friendly, interactive database. In view of the energy challenges that need to be overcome, local authorities and cities can find solutions and inspiration here,” said Sven Dammann from the European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy. And Kilian Seitz from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which produced the database, added: “We offer a wide range of information.” For example, interested local communities could first of all gain an overview of the technologies used in the CONCERTO projects and the corresponding results. These results are depicted via informative indicators such as CO2 reduction costs and amortisation periods. Both measured and calculated energy flows are used in calculating these indicators, whereby considerable importance is placed on achieving as much transparency as possible in order to be able to comprehend and correctly interpret the values received.

To ensure that all users – whether politicians or engineers – receive suitable information, the data and indicators can be limited using selective filters:

  • Theme-based search: This shows all projects with, for example, solar thermal applications.
  • Target group-specific search: This shows all data and indicators that are interesting, for example, for building developers.
  • Geographic filtering, for example based on events: This covers all indicators that could be interesting for a new-build scheme or the development of a funding programme.

When conducting an analysis, however, the underlying conditions in the respective country and region need to be taken into account. For this reason it is recommended to take a look at the projects in your own country.

The CONCERTO initiative

58 European cities and local authorities in the CONCERTO initiative are working together with the aim of making the energy turnaround become reality in Europe. New energy-efficient buildings are being constructed, existing buildings are being refurbished and entire urban districts are being transformed so that they require less energy and can meet their remaining requirements with local renewable energies. In accordance with the local conditions they are relying on a variety of efficiency measures in the building and renewable energy sectors. The CONCERTO initiative is being funded by the European Union as part of its Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
You can find further information on the CONCERTO website. 


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