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Efficient heat utilisation through new technologies

Thermally-driven micro cooling systems, latent heat and cold storage facilities, ORC technologies or thermally-driven heat pumps: The use of modern building technology and the development of distribution technology and system components represent important aspects of the EnEff:Wärme research initiative - just like intelligent control and measuring technologies. Together, they form a fundamentally new heat supply concept.

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Zu sehen ist ein Verdampfer ORC-Prozess mit Abgaswärmezufuhr aus einem Gasmotor
Projektstatus: Phase 3
EnEff:Wärme - Forschung für energieeffiziente Wärme- und Kältenetze

Field testing of ORC processes

ORC processes can be used to convert previously unharnessed waste heat into valuable effective energy in the form of electricity. The goal of this project is to use ORC processes to generate between 20 and 120 kWel of additional electricity from the heat contained in exhaust gases and cooling water from motor CHP plants and, in doing so, to improve the energy balance of these motors.