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Symposium on "Integral planning and simulations in construction physics and building services technology"

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Organiser’s website: IBK at the TU Dresden


Detailed description

The programme is not yet finalised and the workshops could still be expanded in terms of their content. Those interested in participating should submit their proposals by Friday, 24 February 2012. Contact: Andreas Nicolai, Institute of Building Climatology, TU Dresden


Preliminary programme


The symposium offers a discussion forum for developers and users of simulation processes in the field of building energy efficiency, thermal comfort and construction physics. On the first day there will be a joint lecture series with discussions for all participants. The papers will focus on incorporating simulation calculations into the integral planning process, current simulation developments and the interoperability between different simulation programmes (Modelica, etc.). On the second day there will be two parallel workshops with a focus on practical applications with detailed expert presentations on Solver and implementing simulations. On the third day special subjects will be focussed on in individual sessions.

Workshop 1: Component simulations

Current developments in the field of hygrothermic component simulations, in particular 2D/3D simulations and physical expansions of the transport and materials models.

Workshop 2: Room simulations

Room simulations for optimising the thermal comfort and energy requirement estimations, ranging from simple single zone models to more complex models including air stratification and radiation calculations.

Workshop 3: Building simulations

The latest developments in the field of energy-based building simulations. The focus will be on the NANDRAD building simulation and modelling platform and graph-based model evaluations, etc.

Workshop 4: Simulation coupling and co-simulations

This involves applying simulations in construction physics and building services technology, defining and implementing interfaces, unifying databases on materials, construction systems and other components, as well as with the post-processing of simulation results in construction physics, etc.

A detailed programme will soon be available here. 


The number of participants is limited. Places will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Event organiser

Institute of Building Climatology (IBK) at the TU Dresden, Zellescher Weg 17, 01062 Dresden 

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