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New approaches to analysis and planning

In implementing operative efficiency measures, the actors concerned depend on data processed by reliable analytic and planning tools. The required information technology is available. EnEff:Stadt and EnEff:Wärme promote the development of planning aids facilitating, for example, the manageable preparation of municipal energy concepts as well as new concepts of heat distribution, models for energy and CO2 balancing as well as software for energetic housing structure analysis. In this context, research also contributes towards improved cooperation between architects, planners, municipalities and energy supply companies while promoting the implementation of integral planning.


Note: This page will present the first results and descriptions of relevant research and development.

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Stadt und Energie: Das Beispiel der Fächerstadt Karlsruhe
EnEff:Stadt - Forschung für die energieeffiziente Stadt

Development of a semantic information model for energy efficient urban development

As part of the ISIS project, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are working with partners to develop an innovative information model as a planning tool for energy efficient urban development. The aim is to improve the information management.

Home screen for the District Energy Concept Adviser software (German version)
EnEff:Stadt - Forschung für die energieeffiziente Stadt

EnEff:Stadt District Energy Concept Adviser

Most decisions when developing urban districts are made during the early planning phase when it is still not possible to use any detailed planning tools. This is where the Energy Concept Adviser comes into play: the easy-to-use efficiency assessment determines the respective potential offered by different variations in the structural quality and supply strategy.

Schematic diagram of the resorption circuit
EnEff:Wärme - Forschung für energieeffiziente Wärme- und Kältenetze

SMRT – Design, partial load and optimisation calculations for resorption chillers

The “SMRT” program makes it possible to carry out sizing, partial load and optimisation calculations for resorption chillers. These can be investigated for various thermodynamic boundary conditions.

INSEL as a modular simulation environment: Connection of the loads with the heating centre in INSEL.
EnEff:Wärme - Forschung für energieeffiziente Wärme- und Kältenetze

Planning, monitoring and visualising energy systems with INSEL

INSEL is a software for understanding, planning, monitoring and visualising energy systems. For this purpose it provides state-of-the-art functions as blocks, for example for simulating meteorological data as well as electrical and thermal energy components, which can be linked to provide a solution to a specific problem.

EnEff:Stadt - Forschung für die energieeffiziente Stadt

Grid-reactive buildings

The joint "grid-reactive buildings" project is aimed at viewing buildings holistically as part of the energy system, whereby the intention is to investigate, among others, the primary energy, exergy and energy industry aspects and, as a result, develop a proposal for a consistent assessment methodology.