IEA EBC Technical Day: "Energy Technologies for the Great Transformation"

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Welcome Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Welcome Land Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

  • EnOB, EnEff:Stadt and EnEff: Wärme – Findings of National Research Initiatives
    Prof. A. Wagner/Dr. C. Beier
  • Energy Efficient Communities - Annex 51
    H. Erhorn-Kluttig/Dr. R. Jank
  • Implementation of Energy Strategies in Communities – Annex 63
    H. Strasser
  • Optimized Performance of Community Energy Supply Systems with Exergy Principles – Annex 64
    Dr. D. Schmidt
  • Business and Technical Concepts for Deep Energy Retrofit of Public Buildings - Annex 61
    Dr. A. Zhivov/R. Lohse
  • Integration of Micro-generation in Buildings - Annex 54
    Dr. E. Entchev/Dr. P. Tzscheutschler
  • Reliability of Energy Efficient Building Retrofitting – Annex 55
    Dr. C.-E. Hagentoft
  • Evaluation of Embodied Energy and CO2 Emissions for Building Construction – Annex 57
    Prof. T. Oka/Prof. T. Lützkendorf
  • Reliable Building Performance Characterisation – Annex 58
    Prof. S. Roels
  • Computational Tools for Building and Community Systems - Annex 60
    Dr. M. Wetter/Dr. C. van Treeck
  • Ventilative Cooling - Annex 62
    Prof. P. Heiselberg
  • Positive Energy Balance in School Retrofitting Case Study in Rostock; Wrap up
    Prof. G. Mainka/M. Kratz

Excursion to Energy-Plus-School
Prof. Wollensak


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