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Functional model of a combined house connection and grid feed-in station (HANEST)

18. Jun 2015 - Feeding solar thermal energy into district heating networks

The multifunctional use of district heating networks could already provide an important step towards achieving low-emission heating supplies in the medium term. In a research project, AGFW, Solites and the Technical University of Dresden have investigated the technical impacts caused by the decentralised provision of solar thermal heat. Several integration options are currently being tested in the district heating network belonging to the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf municipal utility company.

28. Jan 2015 - New “Energy-efficient city” funding concept published

The EnEff:Stadt funding concept has been updated as part of the new funding announcementpublished by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on 8 December 2014, which is entitled “Research funding in the 6th Energy Research Programme”. The German government’s 6th Energy Research Programme continues to provide the framework for energy research in Germany. The latest version of the funding concept is based on it.

05. Jan 2015 - New funding announcement from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: Networking energy research topics and projects

In order to interlink energy research projects even more, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has now published a new funding announcement based on the 6th Energy Research Programme. This is aimed at further dovetailing energy efficiency with renewable energies. It is planned to hold an ideas competition in which interdisciplinary projects shall contribute to greater efficiency. The same applies to the increasingly systemic interaction between buildings, urban districts and the energy infrastructure. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is responding to this development with its “Energy in buildings and districts” research network. Two of the most important tasks include accelerating the transfer of results and developing funding strategies. The joint “Solar construction – Energy-efficient city” research initiative shall be prepared as a first step.

05. Mar 2014 - Energy-efficient Ludwigsburg

At the EnEff:Stadt Conference, which was held in Berlin in January 2014, the City of Ludwigsburg presented its long-standing experience and activities, which today are systematically aimed at achieving energy efficiency and climate protection. Particularly with the founding of the Sustainable Urban Development department, the municipality has created a key organisational basis for implementing its urban development concept. The department steers and processes the diverse projects, and integrates them with all administrative activities. Since 2005, continued public participation has ensured its acceptance.

TeilnehmerInnen des Pocacito-Kick-Off-Meetings

10. Feb 2014 - New EU project “Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow”

Eleven European institutes are drawing up long-term perspectives and new administrative approaches for cities – a roadmap for the transition to a sustainable, post-fossil economic model. The POCACITO project is to run until 2016.

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